About Us

Who We Are

Health & Education Instrumental Resources International (HEIR) is a non-profit charitable organisation, committed to “improving the health of people in areas we operate, by relieving sickness and advancing education through technology and skills transfer as well as public health education”. It mainly works in partnership with other organisations/institutions and health care providers in its operational areas. Our initial focus is in sub-Saharan Africa.
Our objective is to mobilize resources considered instrumental in relieving sickness and advancing Education among the less fortunate and living in poverty

Where We Work; What We Do

We work in the UK, London boroughs of Barking, Dagenham, Havering and Redbridge. Heir International also works in East Africa countries of Kenya Uganda and Tanzania.

What we do

  • UK projects: HEIR International UK delivers a range of programmes on health issues and Education. It provides information, advice and guidance and offers a wide selection of basic training programs and support to find employment.
  • International projects: Education, Health

Healthcare Promotion

HEIR International runs activities that are aimed at;

Encouraging Physical activity

Smoking cessation

Preventing teen conceptions and sexually transmitted infections

Substance misuse and vulnerable young people

Information Advice & Guidance

The training and support to enables learners to tap into available opportunities and resources.  The learners are supported with employability skills via our Job Shop. Clients can however access these services independently as stand-alone services.

Training & Development

HEIR international offers basic training on volunteering, CV development, interview skills, language skills, Healthy and safety at work. It also trains on equality and diversity.


Our work in rural Kenya is supporting rural schools, in remote communities to make sure boys and girls learn the skills and gain the knowledge that will help them break out of the cycle of poverty and secure their future.


HEIR International today supports small rural healthcare facilities in Kenya. We work hand in hand with both national governments and local communities to ensure basic healthcare is available and affordable for all residents of remote villages. We currently are working with two health facilities, Keumbu and Ibeno.Training and education are also central to our support of health services. We mobilize volunteer healthcare professional to train and mentor health providers, managers and community representatives to strengthen their abilities to manage, regulate and monitor their local health services.

Our Approach

Health Facility Support

Community-Based Health Services

Training and Education

Capacity Strengthening

WASH programs

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